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​​Thornton Recreation Facilities

​​Recreation Facilities

​Thornton Advanced Metering Infrastructure Technology

​Thornton Advanced Metering Infrastructure Technology

104th Station Plan

The "Thornton Crossroads at 104th" Station Area Master Plan was adopted by City Council on January 13, 2015.

88th Station Plan

The "Original Thornton at 88th" Station Area Master Plan was adopted by City Council on January 13, 2015.

Active Adult Center

If you are age 62 or older, you are invited to spend time at the Active Adult Center. We offer educational and recreational programs, fitness classes, special events, trips, outdoor programs, health screenings and a fabulous daily meal program!

Adaptive & Inclusive Recreation (AIR)

The program is coordinated by a CTRS. Becoming a CTRS requires a 4-year degree (or equivalent experience), passing a national certification exam, and 50 hours of continuing education every five years to stay certified.

Artificial Turf Code Amendments

Artificial Turf Code Amendments

BeWell Benefits

Annual BeWell Benefits Guide

Bike Thornton

Thornton has over 57.9 miles of on-street bike lanes. You can find suggested cycling routes in and around Thornton on this web page.

Block Party Trailer

​The Block Party Trailer is new to Thornton and is filled with many necessary and useful items to help you and your neighbors throw a successful block party.

Building Guides

Use the building guides and division reports to assist you in creating your building plan and applying for your permit in Thornton.

Building Plans 144th and Washington

Building Plans 144th and Washington

Capital Improvement Projects

The Open Space and Project Management Division is responsible for the planning, design, rehabilitation and inspection of Thornton parks and open space capital projects.

Carpenter Park

Carpenter Park, located at 3498 E. 112th Ave., directly behind the Carpenter Recreation Center, is open to the public daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Carpenter Recreation Center

The 78,780 square foot Margaret W. Carpenter Recreation Center is located on 136 acres of property the City owns at 112th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

CIP Maps

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) provides for cost-effective design and construction of capital projects.

City Clerk

The City Clerk’s office handles the coordination of City Council meeting documentation, Board and Commission Applications, City Elections, Liquor Licensing, and Passport Applications. The City Clerk is also responsible for maintaining City Records.

City Council Ad Hoc Committee on Equity

On June 23, 2020, City Council approved a resolution establishing an ad hoc committee on equity, with a focus on the topics of police oversight, communications and technology, amenities, and transportation.

City Voice Newspaper

Thornton's City Voice Newspaper is delivered to residents throughout the year to bring city news in a timely fashion.

Click and Haul

Thornton trash and recycle customers can use this service to get rid of clutter in the garage or basement, plan a do-it-yourself room remodel.

Code Compliance

Code Compliance informs and enforces the city codes for development and nuisances.

Code Red

Be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Examples include: evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, boil water notices, and missing child reports.

Community Connections

Find information on how to get involved in your community, resources, learning opportunities, charitable events, supportive programming and more.

Community Connections - Espanol

Community connections information translated in Spanish.

Community Connections 2020 Year in Review

Community Connections 2020 Year in Review

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Community Food & PPE Drive Information

Community Food & PPE Drive Information

Community Outreach

Community Outreach is now Community Connections.

Community Promotions

Community promotions for download.

Community/COVID-19 Resources

Thornton Community/COVID-19 Resources​

Complete Hazard Mitigation Plan

Complete Thornton, Federal Heights, and Northglenn Hazard Mitigation Plan

Coronavirus Relief Funds

Coronavirus Relief Funds

Coronavirus Scams

Information on coronavirus scams.

COVID-19 Relief Funds

The City of Thornton is expected to receive $11.7 million from Adam County, distributed to Thornton in three installments as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, commonly called the CARES Act.

COVID-19 Thornton Status

COVID-19 Thornton Status

COVID-19 Vaccinations Phase 2

COVID-19 Vaccinations Phase 2


Rare dinosaur fossil uncovered in Thornton

Dinosaur Discovery

​Rare Dinosaur fossil uncovered in Thornton

Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan

Eastlake Streetscape Conceptual Plan

Election Information

The City Clerk’s office is responsible for conducting the Municipal Elections, as well as assisting Adams County with registering citizens to vote.

Enrichment Program

The city of Thornton offers a variety of youth and adult enrichment programs.

Finance & Accounting in Thornton

The accounting division handles the accounting and finance services for the city of Thornton.


Details about illegal fireworks in Thornton.

Kid Camp

The city of Thornton Kid Camp is a state licensed program that provides a variety of learning experiences incorporating social, emotional, imaginative, cognitive, and physical development.

Kids and Youth Dance Program

Summer dance students will focus on learning and advancing their dancing technique.

Message from Mayor Kulmann

A message from Mayor Jan Kulmann.

My Thornton

My Thornton is your mobile connection to the city of Thornton, CO services.

Naturally Thornton

Thornton is proactively responding to the impacts of the global pandemic and will manage a citywide reduction in resources by expediting the implementation of our Sustainable Parks & Open Space Plan in order to save money and water.

New Active Adult Center Project

Project details for the design and construction of the new Thornton Active Adult Center to be located on the corner of 112th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.

Pandemic Business Assistance Resources

The City of Thornton Economic Development Office is here to support your business through this unprecedented and difficult time.

Parks and Recreation Month

July is National Parks and Recreation month! NRPA is challenging everyone to get their play on with their local parks and recreation.

Parks Capital Improvement Projects

The Open Space and Project Management Division is responsible for the planning, design, rehabilitation and inspection of Thornton parks and open space capital projects.

Parks Open Space Trails User Map

Parks Open Space Trails User Map

PD Press Release - CR#2018012793

A disturbance at a Thornton Sports Bar...

Policy Planning 112th Station Plan

Policy Planning 112th Station Plan

Policy Planning Eastlake Subarea Plan

Policy Planning Eastlake Subarea Plan

Recreation Facilities Closing

Recreation Facilities Closing

Riverwalk Ball Fields

Riverwalk Ball Fields and Batting Cages

Santa's Calling Form

Would your child enjoy a personal phone call from Santa before he comes to town on Christmas Eve?

Sex Offender Information

City of Thornton sex offender information.

Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals are currently prohibited in Thornton, but the City Council will soon consider potential changes to the City Code.

Snow Storm and Plow Information

Snow storm and plow information.

Source Water Assessment Report

Surface Water Sources and Ground Water Sources Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water Report.

South Thornton Revitalization Subarea Plan (STaR)​​

The Thornton Revitalization Advisory Board (TRAB) and the City Development Department completed a revitalization planning process focused on invigorating the southern portion of Thornton.

Station Area Plans

FasTrack Station Area Plans

Stormwater Program

The stormwater utility was established in 2019 in order to promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents.

Stormwater Quality

In compliance with provisions of the Colorado Water Quality Control Act and the Colorado Discharge Permit Regulations; the City of Thornton is required to obtain a permit, which authorizes the City to discharge stormwater.

Sustainable Energy in Thornton

Sustainable Energy in Thornton

Swimming Lesson Information

The City of Thornton is excited to bring you its Learn to Swim Program.

T-Alerts Email Newsletters

Login and manage your subscriptions to the email newsletters with T-Alerts.

TCHD Small Event Guidance

Tri-County Health Department(TCHD)would like to provide practical guidance on how to stay safe during small social gatherings.

Thornton 2020 Restaurant Reopen guide

Thornton 2020 Restaurant Reopen guide

Thornton Active Adult at Trail Winds Recreation Center

Thornton Active Adult at Trail Winds Recreation Center

Thornton Active Development Projects

Thornton Active Development Projects

Thornton Activities Guide

Thornton's online activities guide.

Thornton Activity Registration

Register online for activities in Thornton.

Thornton Adult Sports Programs

The city of Thornton coordinates and supports a variety of youth and adult athletic programs.

Thornton Area Plans

In addition to Policy Planning, the Office of Economic Development produces area plans with specific economic content such as urban renewal plans.

Thornton Arts & Culture

Thornton Arts & Culture Vision: A community that welcomes all forms of cultural expression.

Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council

The Thornton Arts, Sciences and Humanities Council (TASHCO) is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes cultural, historical and scientific activities in the city of Thornton.

Thornton Assistance Application

Thornton Assistance Application

Thornton Assistance Funds (TAF)

Since 1983, the city of Thornton has provided grant funds to assist nonprofit organizations that help Thornton residents meet their basic needs and enhance their ability to be self-sufficient.

Thornton Assistance Funds 2020 Awards

Thornton Assistance Funds 2020 Awards

Thornton Building Inspections

The Building Inspection Division is responsible for the Plan Review, Permit Issuance and Inspection of new construction projects and remodel of existing structures in the City of Thornton.

Thornton Business - Economic Development

Thornton has over 1,400 acres of greenfield sites ready for development. With over $375 million in quality development opened in 2018 along the I-25 corridor, the city is experiencing unprecedented growth.

Thornton Business Awards

Each year, the City of Thornton recognizes the importance of our business community and their investment in the city.

Thornton CERT Basic Training - 2020

2020 Thornton CERT Basic Training

Thornton City Council

The city council consists of the Mayor, elected at large, and eight council members, two elected from each of the city's four wards.

Thornton City Council Meetings

Thornton city council meeting information.

Thornton City Development

Promote quality development that creates a safe, balanced community for living, working and playing. Maintain and improve the living environment for the citizens of Thornton.

Thornton City Pool

Thornton City Pool - 2141 E. 95th Ave., Thornton 80229

Thornton Colorado Restaurants

Thornton Colorado Restaurants

Thornton Community Center

Thornton Community Center - 2211 Eppinger Blvd., Thornton 80229

Thornton Community Survey

Thornton Community Survey

Thornton Cone Zone

Information regarding lane closures and detours impacting the City of Thornton.

Thornton Contact Information

Contact information for city services in Thornton, Colorado.

Thornton Emergency Business Grants

Thornton Emergency Business Grants, administered by the Thornton Economic Development Office.

Thornton Festivals & Special Events

Thornton Festivals & Special Events

Thornton Fire Department

Thornton Fire Department.

Thornton Forestry

Thornton Forestry is dedicated to the stewardship of trees and other plants throughout the City. We provide advice to Thornton residents concerning their landscapes and the plants associated with them.

Thornton Gymnastics Program

Thornton Gymnastics Program

Thornton Holiday Resources

Thornton Holiday Resources

Thornton Home & Business Security Cam Registry

A voluntary community security camera sharing program.

Thornton Homeless Outreach Team

If you would like to report an encampment, get resources to individuals you suspect are without homes, or get more information about the Homeless Outreach Team, please contact our hotline at 720-977-5900 or email us at

Thornton Infrastructure Engineering

​​The City of Thornton, through its Engineering Services Division, is responsible for overseeing capital improvements, the City's GIS system, surveying and for maintaining the City's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

Thornton iWatch Speed Awareness

Speeding is the most common complaint the city of Thornton receives from neighborhoods, and to answer these concerns, the city has created the “iwatch Speed Awareness Program.”

Thornton Jobs

Employment opportunities at the city of Thornton.

Thornton Maps and GIS Open Data

Thornton Maps and GIS Open Data

Thornton Movies in the Park

The city of Thornton is happy to bring you Movies in the Park! For more information please call the Carpenter Recreation Center at 303-255-7800.

Thornton Municipal Court

Thornton Municipal Court is a limited jurisdiction court serving the citizens of Thornton, Colorado.

Thornton Online Crime Reporting

Thornton Online Crime Reporting

Thornton Park & Recreation Finder

Thornton Park & Recreation Finder

Thornton Park Pavilion Reservations

Thornton Park Pavilion Reservations.

Thornton Park Village Pool

Thornton Park Village Pool - 4051 Summit Grove Pkwy., Thornton 80241

Thornton Parks

There are twenty-five major parks and sports facilities, plus innumerable smaller parks, water detention and open space areas in the city of Thornton, providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation for residents and visitors.

Thornton Parks, Recreation & Community Programs news and events

Thornton Parks, Recreation & Community Programs news and events

Thornton Parks, Recreation, and Community Programs Tobacco Survey

Thornton Parks, Recreation, and Community Programs Tobacco Survey

Thornton Permits

Thornton issues a variety of building, development, and infrastructure permits.

Thornton Personal Training

Thornton Personal Training

Thornton Planning

Thornton's Policy Planning Division, in concert with the City Council and citizens of Thornton, oversees long range planning.

Thornton Police and Community Team

Thornton Police and Community Team

Thornton Police Department

The Thornton Police Department is led by Chief of Police Randy Nelson and operates under the three divisions: Patrol, Administration, and Detectives, each of which is led by a Deputy Chief.

Thornton Police Department Recruitment

It is our mission is to protect and serve our community. This is more than just a slogan for us, it is our primary objective and reason for existing. We are here to help our citizens and work together to improve our community

Thornton Police Districts

Thornton Police Districts

Thornton Police Records

Thornton Police Records

Thornton Preschool Program

Children can enter Thornton's Preschool Program at any of the age-levels as each age-level is developmentally appropriate for the designated age group. The curriculum is aligned with the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines (ELDG).

Thornton Recreation

Thornton includes people of all abilities in our Parks, Recreation and Community Programs. We strive to not only meet the requirements of the ADA but to create a welcoming and supportive community.

Thornton Recreation Programs

Thornton recreation programs

Thornton Recreation Rentals

Thornton Recreation Rentals

Thornton Sales Tax

The City’s Revenue Division is responsible for collection of the following taxes and fees: sales, use, lodging and telephone taxes, and E911 surcharges.

Thornton Shopping

A list of retail locations in Thornton, Colorado.

Thornton Shopping Center Redevelopment

Thornton Shopping Center Redevelopment

Thornton Streets Division

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining Thornton's streets and drainage systems, as well as providing snow removal and street sweeping services. Our primary goal is to minimize road hazards and ensure safe public transit.

Thornton Tax Preparation Resources

Check out some of these resources for getting help with your taxes.

Thornton Traffic Mobility

Thornton Traffic Mobility

Thornton Trash & Recycling

The Environmental Services Team provides curbside trash and recycling collection services to over 29,000 homes in the City, as well as a number of other collection services for our citizens.

Thornton Twist & Shout Summer Concert Series

Thornton Twist & Shout Summer Concert Series

Thornton Urban Center Study

This plan covers an area generally between I-25 and Washington Street, and provides guidance to help it develop in a way that is more sustainable, provide a framework for a greater mix of uses, and help integrate alternative forms of transportation.

Thornton Utility Billing

​​​The City of Thornton provides water, sewer, and trash services to its residents. One or more of these services are reflected in your bill each month.​​

Thornton Ward Map

The city of Thornton council wards map allows you to identify which ward you live in and view information about your elected ward officials.

Thornton Water

Thornton is proud to provide quality water services, from the protection of source water, delivery of safe drinking water, wastewater collection and stormwater management and protection.

Thornton Water Assistance Program

The Thornton Water Assistance Program helps low-income individuals and families struggling to pay their water bill.

Thornton Water Quality Report

The city of Thornton Water Quality laboratory is charged with ensuring that the city's drinking water meets all state and federal drinking water regulations.

Thornton WinterFest

Join in the holiday fun at Thornton WinterFest in December.

Thornton Youth and Teen Program

Thornton Youth and Teen Program

Thornton Youth and Teen Volunteer Corps

This summer volunteer program is designed to cultivate responsibility in Thornton youths, ages 11-18. Volunteers have volunteered at nursing homes, park clean-ups, trail building and special events. - Americans with Disabilities Act

As required by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 28 CFR 35.105, the City is developing a formal Transition Plan to improve accessibility throughout the City.


Thorntonfest a signature event of the city of Thornton.

Thornton's Citizen Police Academy Application

Use this application to apply for Thornton's Citizen Police Academy.

Thornton's Got Talent

Thornton's Got Talent is accepting video auditions November 15 - February 2, 2018.

Thornton's Torosaurus

Thornton Celebrates the Anniversary of its Torosaurus Fossil Discovery.

Thornton's Utility Billing Payment Portal

Thornton's Utility Billing Payment Portal.

Thornton's Utility Billing Registration Information

Thornton’s utility billing customer payment portal registration information.

Thornton's Water Future

A message from Thornton Mayor Heidi Williams about Thornton's Water Future.

Thoughtful Thornton

Thoughtful Thornton is a new engagement effort to encourage residents to help neighbors-in-need.

Trail Winds Recreation Center

Trail Winds Recreation Center

Transportation and Mobility Master Plan

Transportation and Mobility Master Plan information.

U.S. Passports

In Thornton, the City Clerk’s Office is a U.S. Department of State designated Passport Application Acceptance Facility. U.S. citizens planning international travel may apply for passports at the office, located at City Hall, 9500 Civic Center Drive.

Veterans Memorial Paver Brick Program

The Thornton Veterans Memorial began as a community project to honor veterans and show appreciation for the service and sacrifices they and their families have made for this nation.

Volunteer Thornton

Dedicated to creating an open system of volunteer services that provides involvement, satisfaction, and benefit to the city of Thornton.

Ways to Pay

Pay Thornton bills online or at drop boxes.